How to write a wedding photography contract — 10 essentials to include

Why you NEED a wedding photography contract

10 wedding photography contract essentials

  • Basic information of both parties.
  • Hours of work.
  • Price.
  • Terms of payment.
  • Deliverables agreed to.
  • Delivery dates.
  • Image rights for both parties.
  • Policies regarding other photographers.
  • Failure to comply clause.
  • Cancellation and refund policy.

1. Basic information of both parties

  • Their name
  • Their business name
  • Business address
  • Email address
  • Phone number (mobile and office line if you have both)
  • The name of the bride
  • The name of the groom
  • Email address AND phone numbers for both bride and groom
  • Email address and phone numbers of anyone involved in the wedding they think you might need to be in touch with

2. Hours of work

Just because the bride is taking an extra hour to get ready does NOT mean you stick around an hour later.

3. Price

Wedding Photography Contract Photographer

4. Terms of payment

  • How much the client owes
  • Deadlines for expected payments
  • Payment forms accepted, and how they can make them
  • Policy for non-payment and policy for bounced checks and insufficient funds

5. Deliverables agreed to

Explicitly state every single thing you will deliver to the client in the contract.

6. Delivery dates

Be sure to include in your contract whether or not you will be photoshopping images as well.

7. Image rights for both parties

8. Policies regarding other photographers

9. Failure to comply clause

Wedding Photography Contract Bride

10. Cancellation and refund policy

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